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Dragon Age Inquisition - Astrarium puzzles, Crest Forest, Glenmorgan Mine, Forrester Court

How to solve every single one of these stellar puzzles.

Things continue to get a little trickier as you enter into the third batch of Astrarium puzzles, but we've once again got some handy diagrams which will help you take the sting out of things a little bit. If you're tired of trying to bluster your way through each one, use our guide to tick all three of them off, and get your hands on some extra tasty loot.

Glenmorgan Mine Astrarium puzzle

Once you reach the mine region, keep heading along the road that takes you there, then go east and along the rough stone steps. When you reach the end of this section, take a left to spy the first of this region's Astrarium puzzles.

Forrester Homestead Astrarium puzzle

Go back to the Three Trout camp, then head south. Close the rift as you travel along the road if you haven't already done so. When you get to Forester Homestead, you'll find the Astrarium to the rear of the court building. Here are the steps you need to take to solve it - take it slowly but surely!

Fisherman's hut Astrarium puzzle

Go along the road that leads to the statue of the kneeling man, then take a right. Head up the hill, then head into the trees on the other side. Approach the hut to locate this final puzzle in Crest Forest.

To get your hand on the bonus treasure, go back to the Three Trout camp, then head south-west. Eventually you'll come to a ravine which leads to the cave. Work your way through it to locate the chest that contains your special loot.

We've got more Astrarium puzzle solutions via the first page of this article.

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