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Double Fine has four games on the go

Each signed to a publisher.

Double Fine has four games in development and they all have publishers, Tim Schafer told Develop today.

Some of the games are downloadable and some retail.

Schafer didn't offer any details on the games themselves, but did say that three of the teams were headed up by Nathan Marks, Tasha Harris and Lee Petty, who all had big roles on Brutal Legend, Double Fine's last release.

Schafer keynote at the Brighton conference threatened to be overshadowed by remarks made in a Eurogamer interview yesterday where he described Activision boss Bobby Kotick as "a total prick".

But Schafer admitted that he had overstepped the mark a bit during Q&A at the end of his speech, explaining that sometimes such thoughts are best kept to ourselves. He then inadvertently compared Kotick to Darth Vader.

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