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Doom original game soundtrack blasts its way onto vinyl and CD

Demon soul.

The Doom original game soundtrack is coming to vinyl and CD this summer.

This physical release of Mick Gordon's composition is a collaboration with distributor Laced Records. The soundtrack comes in four formats: a Deluxe Double CD, a Double Vinyl, a Special Edition Four-Disc Vinyl and a Special Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set.

The Special Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set.

The box set is pressed on red 180g wax, and includes the Deluxe Double CD and a limited-edition customised Doom turntable slipmat.

Wondering why people would fuss over the Doom soundtrack? Here's the official blurb:

"Composed by long-time Bethesda collaborator Mick Gordon, his dark and intense vision channels industrial metal to mirror Doom's trademark brutal power fantasy gameplay across 31 synth and metal-filled tracks, spanning over two hours of runtime.

"A true passion project, the recording process saw Gordon representing Doom's portrayal of Hell through the role of energy in sound production, imparting the physical properties of analogue equipment onto digital sources.

"To mimic the power of Hell and its corruptive Argent energy, Mick created the 'Doom Instrument'. Consisting of pure sine wave inputs directed into four separate sound processing chains and a variety of post-processing techniques, it allowed Gordon to dynamically 'corrupt' generated sounds.

"Further callbacks to the franchise's legacy and imagery are found as the soundtrack's signature screeching guitar lines are layered with the chainsaw audio from the original 1993 title."

If you fancy giving the Doom soundtrack a listen, it's all here in the video below:

The Special Limited Edition X4LP is available for pre-order from Laced Records for 14 days from 18th April 2018. Following 2nd May 2018 only the Standard Edition will be available.

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