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Doom Eternal Rune locations: Where to find all Runes for permanent perks

Where to find all nine Rune locations so you can become the ultimate slayer.

Doom Eternal's Runes serve as a huge help on your task to sort out those demonic legions.

They return from Doom 2016, but work a little differently this time round. For one, you don't have to complete trials to obtain an specific permanent perk. Instead, you'll find them in the starting missions, and you'll be able to select between nine perks each time.

This page explains how Runes work, the perks they unlock, and most importantly, where to find Rune locations. Let's go Rune hunting!

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Doom Eternal Rune perks list, and how Rune perks work

In Doom Eternal, up to 3 perks can be activated simultaneously, and while the list seems rather short, there are dozens of combinations to experiment with.

The fact that they can obtained early on it's a big plus, and you don't have to worry about doing a unique trial for an specific ability anymore.

Just pick whichever you think it's going to be more useful, and then feel free to mix them.

The perks that you can obtain from finding runes are the following:

  • Savagery: Perform Glory Kills faster.
  • Seek and Destroy: Launch into a Glory Kill from much further away.
  • Blood Fuelled: Gain a speed boost after performing a Glory Kill.
  • Air Control: Greatly increase movement control while in the air.
  • Dazed and Confused: Increases how long enemies remain in a stagger state.
  • Saving Throw: Survive one death blow and briefly slow down time, giving you a chance to recover. This Rune recharges on death.
  • Chrono Strike: Hold the secondary fire button in mid-air to temporarily slow down time. Once the Rune is fully drained, you'll need to wait for it to recharge.
  • Equipment Fiend: Enemies killed by equipment or while under the influence of equipment will decrease the recharge time.
  • Punch and Reave: Enemies killed by a Blood Punch shockwave drop health.

Doom Eternal Rune locations list

Where's where to find all nine Rune locations in Doom Eternal, going by the levels they are found in. Note - some levels have more than one Rune to find, so keep you eyes peeled!

Exultia (1 Rune location)

As you progress through the level you'll find yourself falling onto a ring-shaped platform. This first rune is really straightforward, since it's marked by the quest marker.

Feel free to pick whichever ability might suit you the best, although Saving Throw is our personal recommendation if you're having a hard time fighting against the demons.

Cultist Base (1 Rune location)

After finishing one of the main arenas you'll come across a tower, along with some platforms that are hanging on the air. In order to obtain this Rune, you're gonna have to punch a lever marked with a green symbol.

This will give you a short time window for you to use a monkey bar, turn around, grab the bar again to get to the other side, and attach yourself onto a wall.

Once you're there don't worry about the remaining time for the lever, just face backwards with the camera and use your double jump and dash to get to the Rune.

Doom Hunter Base (1 Rune location)

Keep following the trail after obtaining the 'Deag Ranak' codex entry, which is located after the main arena following the spaceship-looking structure, and grab the second Rune on the circle-shaped platform.

Super Gore Nest (2 Rune locations)

In the inside area with the massive flesh structure in the centre, head towards one of the edges of the map and use the bouncing platform to get your hands on a new Rune.

As you're making your way upwards the destroyed buildings, and right after after going through that awful section with the lava pools, you'll come across a new Rune for your slayer.

Arc Complex (2 Rune locations)

Right before dropping on a new arena, take a detour through the right pathway that is set on fire and grab the Rune at the end.

At one point of the mission you'll be close to an underground arena just by following the quest mark. Before going full throttle to add some more demons to your long agenda, make sure to pick up another perk from the Rune there.

Mars Core (2 Rune locations)

This is an easy Rune to pick up, since you will come across it just by following the main mission.

Once you're done using the terminal as you're making your way towards the Ion Catapult, make sure to grab another permanent perk from the Rune there.

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