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Doom details its four playable demons

Power weapons and power-ups revealed too.

Id Software's Doom reboot will be the first game in the long-running series to let you play as a demon and publisher Bethesda has outlined how hoofing it as a baddie will work.

The Baron of Hell does what he does best.

As it turns out, there are four demons you can transform into by snagging a demon rune in multiplayer.

The Baron of Hell is the minotaur-esque creature we've enjoyed on the original game's cover for years. He specialises in devastating melee attacks and has a ground-pound maneuver damaging all those nearby. His weakness is his head and spine.

Prowler comes from the Predator school of design. Able to leap onto any surface, see through walls, and kill any marine in a single strike, the Prowler is ideal for those who like stalking their prey. They're less useful in proper shootouts, though, as they have low health and no ranged attacks.

Revenant is armed with a jetpack and dual missile launchers. The former allows them to fly for short bursts, but they can't hover across the entire map. Revenant's main weakness is their jetpack, which, if shot, can deal extra damage and temporarily disable their flying ability.

Mancubus is the tank of the group. Slow and unwieldy, this lumbering beast is armed with a couple of long-range rockets and a high amount of hit points. Mancubus also has an area-of-attack move where he vents the heat he absorbs from his rockets. Should he forget to vent, he'll overheat. His weakness is an opening in his chest cavity.

The developer also listed a few of its "power weapons" coming to this reboot. These are limited-use weapons that spawn during multiplayer rounds and disappear when out of ammo. They deal massive damage and let you see through walls, but should you die with one, you'll drop the weapon with whatever ammo was left.

The Gauss Cannon fires "speedy slugs", the chainsaw instantly kills any marine and quickly depletes a demon's health, and the classic BFG 9000 launches a charged projectile that zaps anything nearby with electricity before exploding in a giant burst on impact.

Finally, a few limited-time power-ups have been revealed. Like power weapons, if you're killed with a power-up your enemy can grab it from you and enjoy it for whatever time its charge remains.

Invisibility cloaks you, Haste makes you run and shoot faster, Regeneration makes your health and armour replenish over time, and Quad Damage does what it says on the tin: bring four times the pain. This can be paired with a power weapon too. Quad Damage BFG for the win!

Doom will launch on 13th May for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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