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Don't expect to see more of Starfield at Gamescom


Bethesda has updated a blog post which previously suggested we might see more of Starfield next week at Gamescom.

Fan excitment was sparked this week by word that Redfall and Starfield gameplay would be shown at a Community Get Together to be held next Friday, 26th August.

"Come see Redfall and Starfield gameplay and get your hands on Fallout 76 while you're there," the blog teased. "Of course, we also have a few surprises and goodies in store for you."

Starfield was the star of Microsoft and Bethesda's June showcase.

The post raised eyebrows over on the Starfield reddit, but fans have noticed the blog has subsequently been changed to remove reference to Redfall and Starfield entirely.

Microsoft, which of course now owns Bethesda, has previously laid out its own schedule for what it will bring to Gamescom 2022 - and both Starfield and Redfall are not on it.

Instead, Obsidian's Pentiment is set to take centre stage at Microsoft's Xbox booth, alongside Age of Empires 4, Flight Sim and Grounded.

Microsoft is one of the few companies committed to Gamescom this year - and the only platform holder. Both Sony and Nintendo are sitting out the show's big in-person return, alongside Activision Blizzard and Take-Two.

Despite all that, we're still expecting a number of surprises from the show's big Opening Night Live ceremony on Tuesday 23rd. Join us for that - just don't expect Starfield.

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