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Dom is now in Gears 5

Time for a Delta Squad reunion.

Dom is now in Gears 5.

The much-loved original Delta Squad member arrives in Gears 5 as part of the new Operation 4 update, dubbed Brothers in Arms.

Dom's arrival means you can now assemble Delta Squad from the first Gears of War game: Damon Baird, Augustus Cole, Marcus Fenix, and Dominic Santiago.

Dom isn't the only new character added to the game with the update. The other heroes are Garron Paduk, Jinn-bot and UIR Soldier. On the villains side, you've got Zamil Karn and Locust Grenadier.

The Operation 4 Bundle, which includes all six new characters plus other gubbins, costs £16.50, or you can buy each character individually using Gears Coins or Iron.

Meanwhile, free for all players are three new maps (Reactor, Blood Drive and Checkout), an all-new Ranked System (your rank is now determined by Gears Points (GP); the more you have the higher your Rank), and the addition of the aforementioned Gears Coins, the new earnable currency used to upgrade PvE skill cards and unlock items in the updated in-game store.

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