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How to change house colour in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to get more house skins

We don't talk about hue no, no, no, no.

The ability to change house colour in Disney Dreamlight Valley was added during its third major update in February 2023, 'A Festival of Friendship'.

Unlike getting new characters or starting storylines, this customisation feature is not linked to a particular quest, so it's not clear how to to do it at first.

To help you get started, we've detailed how to change house colour in Disney Dreamlight Valley below, as well as how to get more house skins.

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How to change house colour in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Although it doesn't take long to change your house colour, you do have to upgrade your house to the maximum level first. There are three house upgrades to buy in order to reach the maximum level, totaling 97,000 Star Coins.

You can upgrade your house by selecting the Scrooge McDuck sign outside of it. For more detailed steps, check out our house upgrade and storage page.

Once your house has been fully upgraded, here's how to change your house colour in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Open the inventory menu
  • Select 'Furniture'
  • Press the 'Close Panel' button to enter select mode
  • Select your house
  • Press the 'Replace' button shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen
  • Choose a replacement colour

There are five basic colours for your house to pick from:

  • Green Gablefront
  • White Gablefront
  • Blue Gablefront
  • Purple Gablefront
  • Orange Gablefront

These are pretty variations on the basic yellow house you started with, but there are more extravagant house styles you can get...

Disney Dreamlight Valley's September update is here! You can now get Belle and the Beast by completing the Into the West Wing and A Prince in Disguise quests. The Fairy Godmother is still in the valley so you can continue the story through the Forgotten Memories quest. You can also now have multiple player homes and customise furniture. If you're still catching up on the storyline, make sure you complete The Great Blizzard quest for unlocking Olaf, along with bringing both Simba and Nala to the valley. For more help, check out our recipe list, how to upgrade your house, change your house colour, critters' favourite foods and redemption codes. Finally, don't forget to visit our future and current character list to see who might be visiting the valley next!

How to get more house skins in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As of writing, the only way to get more house skins in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to purchase them from the Item Shop. Prices may vary, but the first premium house style added to the game was the 'Palace' design, costing 3,750 Moonstone.

House skins are applied the exact way you change your house colour, through the 'Furniture' tab.

Moonstones are a premium currency you can buy from the 'Moonstone' tab in the Shop, but you can also get them from the Star Path, and by opening a daily blue chest placed randomly in the valley.

There may be other ways to get more house designs in the future linked to quests, or maybe even Scrooge McDuck's shop. For now, however, you'll have to splurge on those Moonstones if you want a different house skins.

Different house designs can also take up more space.

For more help in the valley, we've also got pages on how to get Mirabel, a recipe list, how to make bunuelos and birthday cake, a current and future characters list, and a critters guide.

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