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Save 52% on Digital Foundry's top gaming keyboard from Amazon

You'll need to be quick with this one.

I've previously written about the Corsair K100 being a great deal when writing about a pair of great gaming keyboard deals a few weeks back, but now Amazon has listed one of the best gaming keyboards money can buy for £119.99, its lowest price ever.

The K100 brings with it the same classic skeletal open-housed design as previous Corsair behemoths, such as 2014's K95, and also provides the full complement of keys in a standard layout. In addition, there's also a dedicated column of macro keys that sit on the left hand side, as well as media keys and a volume wheel. What's especially handy about the K100 though is that it features an especially versatile wheel in the top left corner that can be used for everything from media playback to scrolling horizontally and vertically. What's more, the wheel works on multiple different function layers with the press of a button - all of these can be configured in Corsair's rather clever iCUE software suite, which is one of the most comprehensive programs out there for controlling lighting and macros.

This specific model features Cherry's MX Speed Silver switches, which offer the combo of both a light and snappy 45cN actuation force, as well as a smooth linear travel, and a raised 1.2mm actuation point - this means they'll require less travel in order for a command to be inputted, in turn offering a speedier input (hence the 'Speed' moniker). There is an version of the K100 available in an optical flavour, although that sits £100 or so more than this discounted offering with Speeds. On the point of absolute speed, the K100 also has a 4000Hz polling rate which aids in making this an especially responsive 'board for gaming.

There is also the option to clip on the iCUE Nexus touchscreen to the K100 if you so wish, which allows you to take a quick glance down at settings, or see system stats and launch commonly used programs. Think of it as an add on that makes the K100 a direct competitor to the SteelSeries Apex Pro, a keeb with its own OLED screen. It adds another degree of functionality to an already jam-packed keyboard, even if it costs £60 or so.

For £119.99, the K100 is about the same price as more of a mid-range gamimg board, which makes it an amazing deal in my eyes. Grabbing one of the best gaming keyboards for 52 per cent off its list price isn't an option that comes round too often, so, go on, give it a go - you definitely won't be disappointed with the K100.

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