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Digital Foundry's top monitor pick is 20% off at Amazon UK

The LG 27GL83A hits the 1440p 144Hz sweet spot and its Fast IPS panel is a great all-around performer.

One of our top gaming monitor recommendations, the LG UltraGear 27GL83A, is currently discounted 20 percent at Amazon, bringing the price from £350 to £280.

The headline here is that it features a Fast IPS panel, the same as Dell's S2721DGFA and LG's own 27GL850, which brings with it the excellent colour reproduction and wonderfully wide viewing angles of an IPS display with the speedy 1ms response times and great motion handling that would normally be more associated with a TN panel. You also get the current spec sweet spot for PC gaming - 2560x1440 and 144Hz - which is also supported on PS5 and Xbox Series X. This makes the 27GL83A a fantastic all-round choice, capable of delivering a great experience in a wide range of game genres in addition to content creation and consumption.

This particular monitor is also FreeSync and G-Sync Compatible, so regardless of whether you've got an AMD or Nvidia GPU inside your system, any screen tearing and juddering should be eliminated.

The fact this is a 27 inch 1440p monitor also means it offers a handy middle ground between smaller Full HD options and the larger 4K devices which typically cost a lot more. Gaming at 1440p doesn't require as much PC horsepower as 4K, which also means you can get the best out of this monitor with a mid-range GPU.

The excellent colour accuracy and quoted 99 percent sRGB colour space coverage means the 27GL83A is a good choice for colour-sensitive work like photo or video editing, although more specialised content creation monitors may be a better choice if this is your intended use case. Finally, while the brightness of 350 nits isn't the most groundbreaking, it's more than bright enough for SDR gaming. HDR inputs are also supported, although there's not too much point given that the panel doesn't offer the contrast levels necessary for impactful HDR.

This particular LG panel looks to be a great deal for £279.99, especially given you're getting the powers of a Nano IPS panel for fast response times and brilliant colour reproduction, combined with the marvellous combo of a 27 inch panel with a 1440p resolution, and all the handy gaming creature comforts of VRR support and a 144Hz refresh rate for an optimal gaming experience.

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