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Save £40 on the powerful SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard at Amazon right now

A great deal on one of DF's top gaming keyboard picks.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking a look at an excellent deal from Amazon on the Corsair K100. Now it looks like Amazon is throwing all the best gaming keyboard deals at once, as they're at it again with another great option!

This time it's a solid 20 per cent discount on the fantastic SteelSeries Apex Pro, which is now available for £159.99, its lowest price for a good few weeks. Make no bones about it, the Apex Pro is still an expensive gaming keyboard, but in the context of what you're getting, it's an immense deal.

Arguably the standout thing here is its OLED screen on the top right hand corner, which allows you to see in-game stats, Discord notifications or your currently-playing music at a glance. I've used the Apex Pro in the past, and its OLED screen is an especially functional part of the 'board, and an innovation that hasn't really been seen since the days of the old Logitech G15.

Besides the screen, the Apex Pro is also a wonderfully well built keyboard with a purported aircraft-grade aluminium alloy frame and a comfy palm rest that makes long typing or gaming sessions a breeze. There are also some nice creature comforts here like convenient cable routing options on the underside of the board and a USB pass-through port. SteelSeries really did think of everything with the Apex Pro.

Its party pieces don't end with the OLED screen either, as the Apex Pro also features switches with an adjustable actuation point. In other words, thanks to the magnetic sensors built into a switch, you can adjust how far you need to push down the keys in order for a keypress to be registered. There's scope for everything from a zanily short 0.4mm distance for the snappiest inputs to a deeper 3.6mm, 90 percent of the overall switch travel, and you can switch between these settings using different profiles in software. This is great if you prefer one setting for typing and general use, but want something a bit snappier for games. It's an especially clever innovation, and one that both gamers and generalists are sure to find a use for; I know I did with my experiences.

RGB fans won't be disappointed either, as the Apex Pro features some of the most vibrant and sharp lighting available on a board today. It looks as if it literally spills out of the side of the keyboard, which acts as testament to how bright and far-reaching it is. If you want to customise it, then the SteelSeries Engine software is a more than worthy companion for configuring both lighting as well as the adjustable actuation points, and a whole lot more.

If you've got £159.99 to spare, go grab an Apex Pro from Amazon. It's a truly endgame keyboard for most people who want to get the competitive edge, and you're getting an immense set of features for the price that make it more than worth your while.

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