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Razer's compact Orochi V2 egg mouse is down to an equally tiny price

One of Razer's best-reviewed wireless mice for £32.

It was only on Wednesday I recommended a tiny mouse from Razer with a great discount in the form of the Viper Mini being available for £20, and now I return with yet more diddy mouse deals! This time, it's Razer's marvellous Orochi V2 that Amazon has knocked 54 percent off its £70 list price to bring it down to £32.

It offers up arguably one of the simplest designs available in Razer's lineup, providing an egg-like shape, slightly similar to Logitech's popular G305, which is surprisingly comfortable in the hand. The fact the Orochi V2 is so small is also reflected in its lightweight frame - 60g without a battery and up to 75g with one - which makes it a nimble mouse to use for gaming. You can even use special lightweight lithium AAA batteries to minimise the weight if you're so inclined.

What's especially fun about the Orochi V2 is that it's possible to customise its appearance with a range of custom faceplates available from Razer directly. There's a wide range on offer, whether you're after solid colours or odd patterns to make your Orochi stand out from the crowd.

Inside, the Orochi V2 is well-equipped with an 18K DPI optical sensor and wireless radios that can connect via a 2.4GHz dongle (the low-latency option) or Bluetooth (the universal compability option). It'll also last for several weeks on its AA or AAA battery before you'll need to replace it - Razer reckons you xan get up to 925 hours out of the Orochi V2 with a AA battery over Bluetooth or 425 hours via 2.4GHz; smaller batteries of course result in shorter battery life but with no RGB you're still looking at lifetimes in the order of weeks rather than days or hours.

Like pretty much every other Razer peripheral from the last few years, the Orochi V2 works with the brand's Synapse 3, which works rather well for those who want to configure their mouse. It'll allow you to change the DPI, as well as remap buttons and even calibrate the Orochi to a specific surface for the most accurate tracking. It's also one of only a couple of Razer products whose receiver can be made into a unifying one, meaning if you've got a compatible Razer keyboard to go with the Orochi V2, you can connect both products via one receiver.

For £31.99, it's hard to ignore how great of a deal this Orochi V2 from Razer is. It's an ideal travel mouse that's light, customisable, and packs in a lot of power that makes on-the-go gaming and working an absolute treat.

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