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Razer's competition-grade Viper 8K gaming mouse is down to £40 at Box

A 50% discount makes this a great value gaming rodent.

The battle to create the best gaming mouse possible has always been attacked from the point of speed, or the idea to create the fastest and most responsive gaming mouse possible. On that measure, the Razer Viper 8K is one of the best mice in the business, with Razer's premiere wired ultra-light gaming mouse with a flexible cable and optical switches, souped up with a crazy-fast 8KHz USB connection. The Viper 8K is currently on sale for half-price, just £40, and we think it's great value at that price.

In terms of its design, the Viper line of mice from Razer has always been its ambidextrous option, designed to work with both right- and left-handers alike. It's a comfortable mouse to hold, and one I found a great deal of enjoyment using for extended periods of time. To go with the ambidextrous shape, the Viper 8K also offers rubberised grips on both sides to maximise comfort, as well as some responsive buttons with Razer's optical mouse switches, all within a sturdy (and hole-free) black plastic chassis. Given this, it's impressive that the weight of this mouse is just 71g, making it well within the ranks of the best ultra-lights.

It's inside the Viper 8K where things get especially interesting. There's a 20,000 DPI sensor to get acquainted with for especially quick movement, as well as an 8000Hz polling rate to aid in making this a rather precise choice, too. For reference, gaming mice usually have a polling rate of 1000Hz, where polling rate is a measure of the frequency at which a device reports its position back to the computer. An 8KHz polling rate is the highest I've seen on a mouse, and a prime example of a measure designed to benefit the most professional of gamers. You'll need a very fast display to really benefit from this upgrade, so we'd primarily recommend the Viper 8K for owners of high refresh rate monitors - 144Hz, 240Hz or even 360Hz.

Of course, the Viper 8K is a great mouse even if you're not heavily into competitive gaming. The mouse looks great too, with a tasteful RGB lighting that nicely constrats with the black chassis. Razer's Synapse 3 software is also available, giving you options for rebinding keys and setting up different lighting effects. You can save these settings to the mouse itself, so you can use them on any computer - and it also means you uninstall Synapse after setting up the mouse if you prefer to keep your PC clean of such apps.

The Viper 8K is an insane mouse in terms of the power it offers, and for just £39.99, you're getting a whole lot for your money. For anyone interested in competitive FPS, this is a no-brainer, and for more general gaming it's certainly worth considering too.

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