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Grab a brand new RTX 3060 graphics card for just £266 with this Ebay code

A new low price on full-fat RTX graphics card with DLSS.

For the last few weeks, the prices of Nvidia's GPUs from the top to the bottom of the range have been tumbling, and today we spotted a big new reduction on the mainstream RTX 3060, a great choice for 1080p and 1440p gaming. Right now, you can use the code BANK15 to take 15 percent off this Asus RTX 3060 Phoenix V2, dropping the asking price from £313 to £266.

This is a fantastic price for a capable mid-range card, and offers the powers of ray tracing and Nvidia's powerful DLSS image reconstruction for a practical bargain price. If you've got an older card in your system (eg a GTX 1060 or RX 580), then grabbing this will be a worthwhile upgrade. Our testing revealed it offered the same performance as the RTX 2070 at 1080p and 1440p, or double the performance of the GTX 1070, while also drawing less power per frame than these last-gen equivalents. It's also future-looking, with features like AV1 decoding, HDMI 2.1 and 12GB of VRAM to make it relevant for years ahead.

The original RRP for the base-level RTX 3060 was £299 in the heady days of 2020 (if you could find the card at all, that is!), so you are getting a 10 percent saving or thereabouts with this eBuyer deal on the Asus Phoenix V2 variant of the card - which, it's worth noting, originally cost a bit more at £446 (!).

This specific Asus variant is a single fan card, which will be especially useful for those who've got an especially tiny PC, although you can get a two-fan configuration for an extra £9 by using the same BANK15 code and picking up the MSI Ventus 3X OC model instead. That card cost £323 originally, so with the code it goes down to £275. If you're after a heftier cooling solution to push for slightly higher clocks - or just want a quieter card - then this is worth the extra tenner!

Still, no matter which way you go, you should get an awesome GPU for the money - and with rumours suggesting only the flagship RTX 4090 from Nvidia's next-gen GPU series will be released this year, grabbing a deal now could make sense rather than potentially needing to wait a full year before we see an RTX 4060 or similar.

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