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Erm, Razer's Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse is 72% off at Amazon - go buy one

A ridiculous deal.

There's no other way of saying this - on Amazon right now, you can currently purchase a Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse for £47.99 which is 72 percent off its list price of £169.99. That's an outstanding deal on a mouse that comes with a strong Digital Foundry recommendation as one of the very best ultralight mice on the market.

It should be little surprise therefore that at this, quite frankly, bargain-basement price that the Viper Ultimate is at its lowest price ever, with it previously hovering around £65 for the previous few months.

For what is the price of a mid-range wired mouse these days, you're getting one of Razer's flagship offerings of the last couple of years, complete with a top-tier optical sensor, optical-switch buttons and low-latency HyperSpeed wireless that performs just as well as a wired mouse. This package also comes with the optional charging dock, which normally comes at a £20 premium.

The Viper Ultimate is ambidextrous, with buttons on both sides of the chassis, meaning that right and left handers alike can experience its power. This should also mean it's an especially comfortable mouse, and one that may work well with all grips. A total weight of 74g also makes this one of the lighter mice from Razer in a while, meaning it'll also be especially nimble and glide well in games, being wireless and all.

The Viper Ultimate offers around 70 hours of battery life, giving you almost two working weeks' worth of gaming before you'll need to charge the Viper Ultimate up - which is very convenient with the bundled magnetic dock; just drop it on and it'll charge cable-free. Furthermore, it also comes with some classy Chroma RGB lighting if you want it, and Razer's Synapse 3 software will allow you to configure it till your heart's content.

By the time you've finished reading this article, I'll be surprised if you haven't bought a Viper Ultimate, just given the truly massive 72 percent reduction on one of the best mice Razer has ever made. Alright, I'll shut up so you can go buy one - deal?

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