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Our top gaming monitor pick is down to $299 at Best Buy ($150 off)

Dell's 27-inch Fast IPS screen, at 1440p 165Hz.

Our top gaming monitor recommendation is on sale at Best Buy in the US today, where the Dell S2721DGF is retailing for $299 after a $150 discount. That's a great price for a 1440p 165Hz monitor of any description, but especially one that uses LG's advanced Fast IPS panels and is FreeSync/G-Sync Compatible.

We've been recommending Fast IPS panels for a little while, because they combine the motion handling of TN screens with the colours and viewing angles of IPS. It really is the best of both worlds, as you get a monitor that is as great for watching videos or browsing the web as it is for gaming in a wide range of genres.

1440p gaming is the current sweet spot on PC, requiring much less graphical horsepower than 4K gaming while also unlocking access to high frame-rate gaming. With a mid-range PC, you can play AAA games at full resolution to benefit from the increased detail of 1440p over 1080p, while esports titles will run in the hundreds of fps to really take advantage of this monitor's low input lag, fast pixel response times and high refresh rate. Of course, with a high-end PC, you'll be able to max out the monitor and get a better-looking and better-feeling experience than your standard 1080p 60Hz screen.

It also doesn't matter which graphics card you're using, as the S2721DGF is both FreeSync and G-Sync Compatible, taking away screen juddering and tearing without the input lag penalty of traditional v-sync. The monitor can also accept HDR inputs, although with a modest 350 nits peak brightness you won't get the most impactful HDR experience here - something that is true across all PC monitors in this price range.

Two HDMI 2.0, one DisplayPort 1.4 and four USB ports make this monitor well equipped for all occasions.

While a few monitors come with the same LG Fast IPS panel, like the famous LG 27GL850, we particularly like this Dell because it supports a higher refresh rate (165Hz vs 144Hz) and comes with a much better stand. The Dell stand supports height adjustment, rotation into portrait mode, tilt and swivel adjustment. Of course, you can also remove the stand if you prefer to wall-mount or arm-mount the screen to make it suit your space.

You'll also find the options for connectivity a boon too. You can plug in consoles via the two HDMI 2.0 ports, while the USB hub allows you to conveniently connect peripherals without scrabbling around the back of your PC. Note that you'll get the best experience with PC gaming here, as PS5, PS4 and Series X/S will work but PlayStation consoles don't support 1440p as an output resolution so you'll be limited to 1080p.

To sum up, it's rare to see this monitor at such a low price, and it's been Digital Foundry's #1 gaming monitor recommendation for the last year for good reason. If you're in the market for a monitor upgrade, there's no doubt this will serve you well.

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