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Devil May Cry 4 on 360, PC

No longer PS3-exclusive.

Devil May Cry 4 will be released on Xbox 360 and PC as well as PlayStation 3, Capcom said overnight. The 360 version will apparently be released at the same time as the PS3 one - although a release date has yet to be determined.

The publisher said that each game would be refined to take maximum advantage of its home system's capabilities. Capcom's Mark Beaumont added that DMC was "one of Capcom's pillar franchises" and gave the impression the publisher had always wanted it to reach "as wide an audience as possible".

Speculation that the game would make its way to Xbox 360, at least, has been rife for a while, and regularly dismissed by the publisher. That it's true is still slightly surprising, as Devil May Cry 1, 2 and 3 only ever appeared on Sony consoles, although the third game did show up on PC too.

Indeed, Sony will be a bit unhappy, we suspect, about the timing of Capcom's announcement - coming as it does just days before the PS3's launch across PAL territories, and hot on the heels of various short-term slippages that threaten to hamper the console's launch day line-up.

Still, good news for 360 and PC fans. For more on DMC4, check out our Tokyo Game Show first impressions from last September.

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Devil May Cry 4

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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