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Development on Notch's 0x10c picked up by community

Mojang no longer interested in space sandbox.

Minecraft creator Marcus "Notch" Persson's 0x10c will now be worked on by the game's community after the sci-fi sandbox was officially put "on ice".

Persson announced he no longer had any aspirations for 0x10c during a recent Team Fortress 2 livestream. The game's fans quickly rallied round.

"As soon as Notch said he was dropping it, a lot of the community were disappointed. Hearing Notch say there wasn't going to be a 0x10c on the livestream really shook people up," Redditor Nouht told US Gamer.

The community-run project to restart development is being operated without profit, and already has a semi-formal organisational structure, head writer Shane Dalton added.

"We just sort of looked at the project and were like, 'Okay. This is a community project now'," Dalton explained. "We're not using any of [Notch's] old code, his name or anything.

"We have Miles, who is the lead leader. Basically, he's managing all the programming. We're going to split it up into multiple departments later on but that's something we're planning to do once we've got some basic prototypes down.

"We're not planning on monetising it except for asking for donations to help with server costs. It's also because of the open source nature of the game. We're going to release the game for free since we want as many people as possible to play this."

Sci-fi space simulation 0x10c has been in limbo since April, when Notch placed the game on hold. Development would not resume until he fixed the "creative block that's been going on for too long", he said.

The last development update on the game's official blog dates from the beginning of November 2012.

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