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Detailed 40GB PS3 reports

Plus talk of 60GB price cut.

French newspaper Les Echos has added further credibility to reports that Sony plans to launch a 40GB PlayStation 3 this month.

Les Echos reported that the 40GB PS3 would launch at EUR 399 on 13th October and would feature Wi-Fi support but would include two fewer USB slots and no memory card reader.

The French paper also said the 60GB PS3 would be reduced in price to EUR 499 at the same time.

Sony remains steadfastly quiet about it all, unless you're CNN Money, in which case they will tell you an announcement is "imminent".

Meanwhile, a report in the UK from Pocket-Lint quoting NDA-breaking retailers (heroes all) points to GBP 299 and GBP 369 pricing for the 40 and 60GB PS3s respectively.

The report also claims that the recent bundle packs will be phased out. Pocket-Lint might be a new name to some of you, but bear in mind it's the source of the "Sky News" report everyone quoted last month without checking the badge on the syndication stream.

So, it all seems very likely now, what with previous Italian mutterings and FCC filings and all sorts.

But is it good news? What's your take, Eurogamers?

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