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Destiny's April update will let players look like Taken

And, maybe, refresh Prison of Elders arena mode.

Bungie has finally begun teasing its next Destiny update, which has been dated for release on 12th April.

Destiny update 2.2.0 will include new PVE missions - the first since September - and a new strike, named Blighted Chalice. Data mined from Bungie's servers suggests Blighted Chalice will take players back to the Hellmouth on the Moon.

The game's maximum Light level cap will also be raised, and there will be a round of sandbox and Crucible updates.

A screenshot from the update shows Destiny players who have apparently become Taken. Or, more likely, it is a new set of Taken-inspired armour you will be able to earn (there's already a Taken Ghost).

Fans have noted the armour design comes from the game's Prison of Elders arena mode - an area of the game overdue an update. The image was also taken in the game's Reef area, where POE is set.

Our best guess is that, after the events of The Taken King, Taken begin to be imprisoned there, giving players a new range of tougher POE enemies to defeat.

There's still plenty of questions surrounding the update (how much will it actually add?). More details on the update will be announced by Bungie over the next few weeks leading up to its release.

The biggest question, though, is whether the update will be enough to tempt lapsed players back?

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