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Destiny fans have found Cayde's cloak hidden in the Tower

Taken from us too soon.

An eagle-eyed Destiny fan on reddit has spotted Cayde-6's signature cloak hanging in the Tower.

Head on over to Amanda Holliday's shipyard and you'll spot it draped on the back of the wall, a tear-jerking ode to a fallen Guardian.

Cayde-6 had always been a staple of the Destiny franchise, having been a key member of the Vanguard, and while the other two members, Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey both struggle to crack a smile at the best of times, Cayde will always be remembered as Destiny's welcome comedy relief. He was that one character who lightened the tone when the infiltrating the Dreadnaught, or petted a chicken in the middle of a deadly serious cutscene. A real joker, was Cayde.

Bungie dialled up Cayde's gags to max when Destiny 2 first arrived on the scene, to the point where the game's main campaign felt a little oversaturated with cheap chuckles. When titanic Cabal warlord Dominus Ghaul and his terrifying army of snarling troops were threatening to strip away the one thing that gives Guardian's their power, Cayde's there having a right old laugh about it all.

Fans wanted a return to the darker tone of the original Destiny. Some hairs on your chest, nitty-gritty type stuff. So when the Forsaken DLC finally swung around, Bungie pulled the trigger - literally. They killed him off, just like that. It cemented Destiny's move away from a light hearted jaunt around the solar system and a step back to the more serious times of old.

It's still a shocker for those that have stuck with Destiny throughout the years, that rootin' tootin' Cayde isn't knocking around anymore. So the fact his cloak's hanging up in the Tower serves as a lovely little reminder of the good times we had with our Hunter pal.

(Won't miss searching for those stashes though.)

Cayde's cloak isn't the first easter egg fans have found in Destiny as last month evidence popped up of an intergalactic booty call.

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