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Destiny Raisins fetch quest - Get the Superblack shader by trading Tiny Box of Raisins and Ascendant Raisins

Swap sweets with Tower vendors this Festival of the Lost.

Destiny's Halloween-themed holiday event, Festival of the Lost, has been packed with a few surprises. Not only is there a hidden Lost Broom Sparrow to be found, but the Tower also hides a fetch quest that's easy to miss if don't have a sweet tooth, where you trade Raisins for the Superblack Shader.

It starts with one of the in-jokes from the first Festival - the A Tiny Box of Raisins item - a useless consumable you could pick up the scrooge-like Eris Morn.

This time round, the item kicks off a series of trades within the Tower with its various vendors, resulting in the Shader, which has had the eyes of the community since Year 1 for its all-black colour scheme - and now it's easily within everyone's reach.

How to get Superblack shader by trading Raisins in the Tower

First step is to get Ascendant Raisins, which is an upgraded version of the Tiny Box of Raisins. You can do this one of two ways:

  • Get the Tiny Box of Raisins as part of the opening 'Sweet Memories' Quest when Festival of the Lost 2016 begins, which has you visit various Tower vendors for candy. However, instead, Eris will give you a Tiny Box of Raisins. Take this to the Spaker, and you can turn this into Ascendant Raisins with 25 Motes of Light.
  • Alternatively, you can withdraw a Year 2 Tiny Box of Raisins from your Vault, which will automatically transform into Ascendant Raisins.

Now you have to visit the following vendors in the Tower in order, trading their respective items.

Trade Ascendant Raisins with Zavala (located in the main hall on the large table, by the Exotic kiosks) for Salted Sweets.

Trade Salted Sweets with the Cryptarch (outside, to the right) for Winged Chew.

Trade Winged Chew with Amanda Holiday (in the Hangar) for Splice Drops.

Trade Splice Drops with Cayde-6 (located in the main hall on the large table, by the Exotic kiosks) for Unchocolate.

Trade Unchocolate with Eris Morn to receive the Bag of Treats consumable.

Open this, and you'll receive the Superblack Shader and a Piece of Celery.

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It should be added all this is technically not a 'Quest' that's logged in the game's menu, so you have to start it manually. As such, make sure you finish it before Festival of the Lost 2016 is over, which is when it'll almost certainly be made unavailable.

Also remember the above items from each vendor won't appear until you have the item to trade it with, so it must be done in the above order for them to show.

Finally, the Piece of Celery you pick up seemingly doesn't do anything. There's a chance it'll become useful later on in the Festival, but don't count on it. Either way, stick it in your Vault and who knows, maybe it'll come in handy next year!

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