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Destiny 2's upcoming 6v6 Iron Banner sounds exactly like Destiny Crucible

Return of the Regime.

Bungie has detailed the addition of 6v6 competitive multiplayer to Destiny 2's Iron Banner event - and it sounds exactly the same as how Crucible worked in Destiny 1.

As part of Update 1.1.4., due to go live on 27th March, Iron Banner "will channel that old-school Crucible in the style of the Iron Lords", PvP design lead Derek Carroll said in a post on Bungie.net.

Team sizes increase from 4v4 to 6v6, but that's not the only change made. Match time limit is 12 minutes, score limit is 125 points, and respawn time is seven seconds.

All control zones start off neutral, and, as you'd expect, control zones take slightly longer to capture by default (additional Guardians in a zone increases capture speed). And, if you help capture a control point, you get more super energy.

It all sounds very much like how Crucible worked in Destiny 1, doesn't it?

Elsewhere, the free-for-all Rumble game mode returns, "with no excuses, no complications, and absolutely no points for assists," Carroll added. So, you get a single point when you get a kill. The player count has been increased to eight, too.

"Mayhem is still Mayhem," Carroll said.

Expect to see the new Iron Banner, Rumble and Mayhem share a central location on the Crucible Director page. Bungie will rotate weekly "to keep things fresh".

"This Weekly Featured playlist will be home to game types that don't necessarily fit into the existing Quickplay or Competitive playlists," Carroll explained.

Doubles is coming back, but it still needs some work, Carroll said. "We love the way it played in Crimson Days, but felt like we could take it further and give it more polish and flexibility," he said.

When it's sorted, Doubles will release into the aforementioned Weekly Featured rotating playlist.

Bungie's currently working to address player concerns with Destiny 2, and in a bid to improve its communication with its audience, has issued development roadmaps. These, however, are in flux and, as we have seen, timings can change.

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