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Destiny 2 Felwinter's Lie quest steps: Vostok visited, Shotgun kills farm in The Lie explained

How to get the Season of Dawn Legendary Shotgun.

Destiny 2's The Lie is a quest to get the Felwinter's Lie in Season of the Worthy.

Available in May 2020, it started with a community step which was later toned down to allow faster progression. It has since been completed, allowing newcomers to continue the quest without taking part.

On May 18th, 2020, The Lie quest was bugged at the final stage, meaning no player could unlock Felwinter's Lie until the a hotfix several days later on May 21st, 2020.

Note you have until the end of Season of the Worthy to complete this quest and collect the Shotgun.

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How to get Felwinter's Lie in Destiny 2

Here's a quick rundown of the steps needed to obtain Felwinter's Lie:

  1. Talk to Ana Bray on Mars to pick up The Lie quest
  2. Accept the already complete Warmind Evaluation community step
  3. Visit Earth for the Vostok Visited quest and scan three objects
  4. Complete 1000 Shotgun kills
  5. Visit Rasputin on the Moon and visit the quest area

Once the above steps have been completed, Legendary Shotgun Felwinter's Lie is yours. Remember you have until the end of Season of the Worthy to complete the quest.

How to get start The Lie quest in Destiny 2

From late May 2020, players will have access to The Lie quest. If you're playing around this time, you should get a message upon logging in regarding this event. Otherwise, check your Milestones.

To begin The Lie, head to Mars, and speak to the planet's vendor, Ana Bray.

The first step, Warmind Evaluation, was a community challenge involving public events on the EDZ, Moon and Io. At launch this was deemed too steep a challenge for players to complete, and so was accelerated for it to be filled faster.

This step was successfully completed on May 17th, 2020. If you are starting the quest after then, the good news is it will be automatically completed - allowing you can progress to the next step, Vostok, straight away.

How to complete the Vostok Visited quest step in Destiny 2

The next step in The Lie, Vostok, has the quest step, Vostok Visited.

To complete this, head to the EDZ then select the mission 'A Warmind's Secrets' in the bottom left corner of the map screen.

You'll now appear in a special version of the Vostok multiplayer map, where you must locate three Anomalies.

These are fairly straightforward to find thanks to each one being flagged when you get close. The Vostok Visited locations are as follows:

1. Step forward and a marker should appear on the screen. To reach it, go left, then right up the stairs, and it's right round the next corner.

2. For another location, head round the outside edge of the map, where you'll find a hangar. A marker should appear as you get close. Jump up inside and scan it with your ghost.

3. Another location is not far from the last one. Keep heading round the outside of the map (so the edge is to your left) and a marker will appear on the right, at the bottom of the cliff.

Once you have found all three, you'll then unlock the Shotgun Telemetry step.

Shotgun kills farm recommendations in Destiny 2 explained

The next step has you "secure shotgun kills across the system or in the Crucible", with a percentage bar. This will be completed when you have managed 1000 Shotgun kills anywhere in the system.

You can chip away at this naturally over the course of the game, or by undergoing a Shotgun kills farming method to get through this as fast as possible.

There are several available in the game; perhaps the easiest to do would be starting the Whisper of the Worm mission and farming the infinite Thrall spawns within.

Otherwise, you can start The Other Side mission - the one you need to unlock Bad Juju - and reach the point where infinite Taken beasts spawn.

Both technically have limits - the Whisper of the Worm mission has a timer, while the beasts will stop spawning after a certain amount of time - but both are repeatable.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

How to complete The Lie in Destiny 2

Once you have complete the Shotgun kills step, the final part has you visit Rasputin on the Moon, then go to the quest marker for a brief dose of story.

With that done, Felwinter's Lie is all yours.

Originally, this final quest step was bugged, taking half a week before a hotfix was rolled out and players could open a door to the final area and reach the Legendary Shotgun.

Now that's all settled - enjoy taking Felwinter's Lie for a spin!

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