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Destiny 2 Something New god roll recommendation and drop location

Wed together the best possible hand cannon.

Destiny 2's Something New is an exotic hand cannon making it's debut during the Season of the Haunted, as part of Solstice 2022.

Destiny 2 players are always asking for new weapons and items, and Bungie has delivered in the most literal sense with its name.

It's a great hand cannon with some unique features, including one unintended ability that makes shredding bosses quick and easy. We'll tell you how to get Something New, the ideal Something New god rolls, and all about this powerful Something New glitch.

If you are playing during the event, know that last year's weapon Compass Rose is still available - and we have similar recommendations for that too.

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How to get Something New in Destiny 2

Something New is a special event weapon, meaning it's tied to a specific event happening in Destiny 2. In this it's a part of the limited time Solstice event as part of the 2022's Season of the Haunted.

The only way to get Something New is as a random reward at the end of the Bonfire Bash, currently active in the EAZ (European Aerial Zone).

If you haven't already, visit Eva Levante in the tower and she will send you on a quest 'Celebrating Solstice' that will lead you to completing your first Bonfire Bash.

Simply launch the Bonfire Bash, see it through to the end, and see what items drop. With a bit of persistence and luck, you start collecting Something News.

Remember to stock up on a good number of Silver Leaves beforehand - maximising your Silver Ash gains as part of the event.

Something New god roll recommendation in Destiny 2

The random perk slots on Something New create an opportunity for some version of the gun that is ideal for different play styles. The ideal perk combinations, or 'god rolls' as players call them, vary, but a few stand out as particularly powerful.

Here is our recommended Something New god roll in Destiny 2:

  • Arrowhead Break or Corkscrew Rifling
  • Ricochet Rounds
  • Triple Tap
  • Headstone

Hand cannons tend to do high damage at the expense of range and stability. Corkscrew Rifling increases both of those and handling in general. That said, with the 120 Rounds Per Minute rate of fire really benefits from the recoil and stability control of Arrowhead Break, so both are great options.

Ricochet Rounds are the same idea, conferring a bonus to range and stability.

Triple Tap may be a bit of a controversial choice, but it works in amazing synergy with Dream Work. For every three consecutive critical hits you land a round is refunded to your magazine.

Combine that with an already overfilled weapon and you can unload an unbelievable number of rounds without reloading. You could swap that out for Wellspring for a more PVP (Player versus Player) focused weapon, as the extra energy for abilities can turn the tide in competitive skirmishes.

Headstone, meanwhile, might be the most underrated weapon perk in Destiny 2. Precision kills spawn a crystal where an enemy dies. This will freeze enemies that touch it, act as a barrier blocking shots from hitting you, and can be shattered by your Something New, causing an explosion that damages nearby enemies.

It's a strategic play that works well in both PVP and PVE (Player versus Environment).

As always, if you find a version of Something New you love, it's worth taking the time to Masterwork it for the improved stats and Orbs of Power, and locking it, preventing you from accidentally deleting it.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Something New Dream Work perk and glitch

UPDATE (July 28th): In the reset following the arrival of Something New, the Dream Work glitch has been fixed. The following section remains to explain how the glitch operated, for those still curious.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Something New has a few randomized perks, and one special one called Dream Work.

This perk is all about teamwork, as your assists (kills by your teammates on enemies you injured) dump ammo from your reserve into your magazine. That means that by wounding targets that your allies eliminate you can overfill this gun beyond its normal capacity.

Here's where it gets really interesting. On the weapons debut, the Dream Work perk appears to be bugged. This assist based bonus ammo is intended to work on just the hand cannon itself.

However, the perk activates as soon as you wound an enemy, and persists if you switch weapons. That means if you shoot some creature of darkness and switch to a rocket launcher, for example, once your friends finish that kill you can overfill that weapon instead.

Want a Sweet Business with over 1000 rounds? Now you can. It's crazy, fun, and probably going to be patched, but it's worth enjoying while you can.

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