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Destiny 2 players find their own fun in new social space The Farm

Playing chicken.

Last night, the Destiny 2 beta opened its doors to The Farm, a new social space.

Only available for one hour - 6-7pm UK time - it was empty of its usual NPCs. Still, players flooded into the area and began exploring, probing it for hidden secrets.

The Farm is a very different location to Destiny 1's Tower. It's more spread out, and lacks the walls and specific areas of its predecessor. The area feels more organic, but at the cost of simply killing off your character should you wander away from its bounds.

It is designed as a more rural location - where humanity has been forced to live after being kicked out the Last City by the Cabal. Still, its rusty, post-apocalyptic setting is missing much of the futuristic or alien sheen which set the Destiny 1's Tower, Reef and Lighthouse hubs apart.

My hope? The Farm is but one of several hubs available in Destiny 2 - and simply the first you'll encounter narratively as the game progresses.

In Destiny 1, these non-combat hubs served as meeting places where you could party up with friends or find new ones to play with. You could claim loot, store existing gear, go shopping for consumables, check in with your faction leader or pick up bounties. You could also just run around in circles because why not.

The Farm seems like it will offer a fairly similar experience.

There are areas for a Cryptarch, an Eververse microtransaction shop, your new vault of items, and places which may well house factions and Crucible vendors. However, some areas were simply inaccessible:

The Farm's much-touted chickens were also absent in the beta.

There were a couple of hidden Easter eggs, too. Players found ways to reach the power lines which stretch over The Farm location:

One player from Reddit also located this mysterious painted cross symbol, which appeared at night time:

Apart from the obvious inclusion of a football (that's soccer) pitch, there wasn't much else to do. So, predictably, players simply mucked about until the sneak preview's timer ran down, and everyone was kicked out:

The full version of Destiny 2 won't launch until September. We'll likely have to wait until then to discover everything The Farm has in store.

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