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Destiny 2 Master of Disguise requirement for Braytech Werewolf, Chocolate Strange Coin farm and sources explained

How to get the 950 weapon in Festival of the Lost 2019.

Destiny 2's Master of Disguise is a Triumph you can earn in 2019's Festival of the Lost celebrations.

It's the requirement for one of the main goals of this year's event - unlocking the exclusive 950 Power Level machine gun Braytech Werewolf - which not only comes with a unique spooky appearance, but also helps pull up your average Power level for faster levelling.

You'll need plenty of Chocolate Strange Coins to get what you need, a task made easier once you understand their sources throughout the event.

How to unlock Braytech Werewolf by completing Master of Disguise in Destiny 2

To acquire the exclusive Braytech Werewolf weapon in Festival of the Lost from vendor Eva Levante in the Tower, you need to earn the Master of Disguise Triumph.

If you make your way through the Triumph menu and, within the Seasonal category, you'll see exactly what you need to get it - by acquiring all masks in this year's festival.

Eva has a variety of wares on sale, including a series of festival masks in the middle row. You need to purchase all of these in order to get the Triumph:

  • Hidden Swarm Mask - 10 Chocolate Strange Coins
  • Goblin Mask - 20 Chocolate Strange Coins
  • Mithrax Mask - 30 Chocolate Strange Coins
  • Opulent Calus Mask - 40 Chocolate Strange Coins
  • Drifter Mask - 50 Chocolate Strange Coins

To get them all, you need to earn a total of 150 Chocolate Strange Coins.

That's seemingly a lot to earn for a time-limited event, but once you understand the many Chocolate Strange Coin sources, the task will feel a little less daunting.

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Destiny 2 Chocolate Strange Coin sources and our Chocolate Strange Coin farm recommendation

Chocolate Strange Coin sources are thankfully frequent throughout Festival of the Lost. At a glance, you can get them by doing the following while wearing a mask:

  • Completing Festival of the Lost Bounties
  • Finishing Haunted Forest encounters
  • Completing any core activities

In short, you can earn Chocolate Strange Coins from doing pretty much anything you'd ordinarily receive rewards for - including matchmade activities such as Strikes, Crucible and Gambit - meaning you can play how you like and make progress in the event. Just have a mask equipped as you go.

You'll get more Chocolate Strange Coin drops in Haunted Forest than most activities, but there is a faster method...

That said, you can shortcut this process with a Chocolate Strange Coin farm. Our recommendation for this is finding the fastest activity possible, which is completing Patrol Missions on many of the game's planets.

These are activities you can pick up while exploring the game's many areas while in Patrol - from killing a number of enemies or seeking a powerful combatant - and take just a few minutes each to complete, and give you one Chocolate Strange Coin in return.

Compare this one of the shorter matchmade activities such as, say a Crucible match, and you'll earn many more Chocolate Strange Coins for your time.

While it makes sense to double up these Patrol missions with something like this week's Flashpoint, if you're looking for a particular spot to grind out, froosty on reddit recommends visiting The Dreaming City where there's a 'kill enemies' task right where you spawn, which you can return to orbit and repeat over and over.

Why not double up on Chocolate Strange Coins by doing patrol missions during rounds of Altars of Sorrow?

We'd also recommend investigating the Moon's newly added public event, Altars of Sorrow, which sees each wave go by very quickly, has several patrol missions in the vicinity, and gives you a shower of Candy in the process.

Regardless of how you decide to play Festival of the Lost, make sure you're picking up Festival of the Lost bounties from Eva every day, which give you bonus Chocolate Strange Coins for each one completed - as well as ever-useful XP to help you inch closer to finishing the season pass.

There are hidden Chocolate Strange Coins throughout the Tower if you know where to look.

Oh, and if you're in need of a final few Chocolate Strange Coins, you can find them in the trees around the newly decorated Tower, ready for the taking. Happy climbing!

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