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Destiny 2 - Excavation Site XII, The Pit, Pathfinder’s Crash locations in Firebase Hades

How to find and complete the Firebase Hades EDZ Lost Sectors.

This Destiny 2 Firebase Hades Lost Sectors page will explain where to find all the mini-dungeons within that area of the EDZ / Earth Patrol space.

If you want more information on how to find Lost Sectors and the rewards they offer, our Lost Sectors locations page can help.

Destiny 2 Firebase Hades Lost Sectors

The three Lost Sectors in Firebase Hades are:

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Excavation Site XII location

Location: To find the symbol for this Lost Sector, drive/run to the entrance to Firebase Hades from the direction of The Gulch, turn left and follow the edge of the map to your right. Now up up a small hill and look for the symbol to your left.

Strategy: Enter the dungeon, turn right, drop down a level, then turn left. Go down this tunnel, then turn right. Turn right, turn left twice and you'll enter an area with some Legionnaires and Phalanx. Take them out then head for either of the two opening ahead of you.

To your left, there will be a bridge crossing the chasm below. Look out for Psions and Phalanx's to your right on a raised platform.

The boss, Dust-Choked Thrag, will be in this vicinity and he's going to put up a fight. He has those blinding, heat-seaking rockets and a nasty gatling gun, so use the cover at the far end of the bridge to wear him down and avoid being blinded by his missiles.

There are a lot of Legionnaires, Psions and Phalanx here, so be patient and take them out as Dust-Choked Thrag retreats to the higher platform (where the loot chest will be).

Use your super, your power weapon or some grenades to wear him down, but always stick by cover - his missiles will blind you enough for him to tear into you with his gatling gun.

The Pit location

Location: This Lost Sector can be a little tricky to find as it's located underground. Head for the main hangar in Firebase Hades (towards the back of the map).

If still available, there will be an Adventure icon nearby. Look underneath the ramp by this marker and you'll see a corridor running underneath, follow this to find a doorway to your right.

Strategy: Enter the doorway, turn left and follow the ramp down. Turn right at the bottom, go down another ramp and turn left. Turn left two more times and you'll see a doorway. Enter this doorway and immediately deal with the Legionnaire and Psion to your right.

You should now see a tank hanging from some chains. As you're already on higher ground, use your position to flank the Phalanx, Legionnaires and Psions on the ground. Drop down, but beware of War Beasts coming from the right-hand side.

Jump up to the next level on the other side of the room to engage the remaining Psions and Legionnaires.

Now it's time for the boss, Kurg. He's a Centurion, and every time you damage his significantly he'll drop back and call in Legionnaire, Psion and Phalanx reinforcements. Always focus on these easier foes first to free up your movement options.

Strafe to avoid Kurg's grenade launcher and use supers, power weapons and grenades to take him down when he's not floating above you.

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Pathfinder's Crash location

Location: To find this Lost Sector, enter Firebase Hades from the direction of Winding Cove, and follow the edge of the map to the right. You'll find the symbol painted next to a Patrols quest banner.

Strategy: Enter the dungeon entrance (located behind the symbol), do down the tunnel and turn left. Drop down the rocky ramp with the light at the bottom, then turn right. Turn left at the flickering lamp, drop down and turn right.

You're now in the main area for this mission. A Cabal ship will appear and drop off lots of Legionnaires. In the meantime, take out the Psions to your left and be way of Phalanx attempting to flank you from the right.

The boss, Zerz, is an Incendior and will hang back at the top of the platform where the crashed ship is located.

While he's waiting, focus on the large numbers of Phalanx and Legionnaires, while avoiding Zerz's flaming projectiles.

When his minions have been dispatched, head up to the highest platform (with the loot chest) and use the crashed ship as cover while you pepper Zerz up close. He's not very tough, or shielded, so he shouldn't take long to defeat.

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