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Destiny 2 Imperial Treasure Map locations: Endless Gate, Diaviks Mine and Chamber of Sky locations and more explained

Where to find all Imperial Treasure Map locations after completing each bounty.

Destiny 2 Imperial Treasure Map locations must be found after you complete one of sweeper bot Benedict 99-40's many bounties.

You get a first taste of this as part of The Invitation quest, which helps you unlock The Menagerie as part of Year 2's Annual Pass DLC.

From there, you can continue to complete Benedict 99-40's bounties, each giving you Powerful Gear to get you closer to the new Destiny 2 level cap - as well as some Imperials.

However, when you turn them in, you then have to collect them by finding the corresponding Imperial Treasure Map location, and though they're marked on the map, actually finding them isn't always obvious.

This is where our list of all Imperial Treasure Map locations comes in:

Well of Flames, Nessus Imperial Treasure Map location

The nearest fast travel point is The Cistern, and it actually isn't too far from where you completed The Conflux earlier, so head in that direction.

The Well of Flames is specifically found to the far south-west, and is a massive cylindrical structure with a triangular entrance to the side.

Head inside, and you'll come to a giant pit in the ground - drop down.

At the bottom, ignore the portal against the far wall, and look opposite. There is a transport pad on the floor, and a blue glow to the left.

Diaviks Mine, Tangled Shore Imperial Treasure Map location

You'll find this Imperial Treasure Map location near Diaviks Mine at the top of the map on the Tangled Shore.

Head to the Soriks's Cut landing zone, and go right (east) to find a cave mouth high in the rock beyond a series of platforms.

Inside you'll find Diaviks Mine.

Continue the linear route until you come to an opening to the right, where you can see the glowing chest in the far distance.

Head left through the red cave, keeping the walls to your right, and you'll eventually come to the chest.

Endless Gate, Io Imperial Treasure Map location

You'll find this Imperial Treasure Map near the Endless Gate at the bottom of the map on Io.

Head to The Rupture landing zone and in the south-west of this area, you'll find a small opening leading south.

Head through this linear stretch to reach the Endless Gate, and continue going until the area opens up.

On the right you'll find the Io Imperial Treasure Map location.

Spire of Keres, Dreaming City Imperial Treasure Map location

You'll find this Imperial Treasure Map in the Spire of Keres at the top left of the map in the Dreaming City.

To reach this area, go through the gate in the north of the Divalian Mists until you reach the observatory.

Take the left (south) exit from the observatory, and follow the winding path until you reach two wide white bridges.

After the second one, you'll come to a cliff edge. On the right, just hidden out of view, is the Imperial Chest location.

Chamber of Sky on Nessus Imperial Treasure Map location

You'll find this Imperial Treasure Map location in the Chamber of Sky on Nessus.

Fast travel to Exodus Black, and in the north-east of this region, is a cave leading underground.

Inside if a cave complex that opens up beneath you, and a blue portal on the opposite ledge at the far side. Head over and go through this portal.

You'll then arrive at Chamber of Sky.

Now stick to the right side, dropping down to the ground, where round a corner you'll see the Imperial Chest location high up above - it should be glowing visibly above.

Spine Burrows on Io Imperial Treasure Map location

You'll find this Imperial Treasure Map location in the Spine Burrows on Io.

Head to the Lost Oasis fast travel point and head east, past the giant tree stump, to find a small passage at the far side.

This will take you to the Spine Burrows.

Here, drop down and hug the right wall and the Imperial Treasure Chest location is just round the corner.

Alton Dynamo on Mars Imperial Treasure Map location

This Imperial Treasure Map is found on Alton Dynamo on Mars.

Head to the Braytech Futurescape fast travel point and head west, going along the linear path around the cliff edges, right through the canyons of Dynamo Approach and eventually, the Alton Dynamo complex itself.

Continue going here until you reach a junction in a corridor. Go right here.

You'll then arrive in a big server room that fans out left and right.

Go left here, and at the far end, you'll find the glowing Imperial Treasure Chest location.

Legion's Anchor on EDZ Imperial Treasure Map location

To find the Legion's Anchor imperial Treasure Map location, head to Winding Cove then go west - the direction you face when you spawn in - to Firebase Hades. On the far west side is the entrance to the base.

Go in the wide entrance, and in the wall there's a vent. Go through it

Continue through this, going through a further series of vents, until you arrive at Legion's Anchor.

When you drop down, hug the left wall until you are outside.

On the right here are two tanks. Underneath the second, furthest tank is the Imperial Treasure Map chest location.

Maevic Square on EDZ Imperial Treasure Map location

This is one of the fastest Imperial Treasure Maps to find. Start at the Trostland fast travel point and leave east of the church, heading through the building until you arrive at Maevic Square.

When you emerge into Maevic Square, you'll see the glowing chest on the right side, up on a ledge.

Chamber of Water on Nessus Imperial Treasure Map location

For this Chamber of Water Imperial Treasure Map, head to the Watcher's Grave spawn point on Nessus, then head north (or right of the Calus ship) and into the teleporter against the wall.

Follow the linear route round until you reach the Chamber of Water, continuing through until the outer corner wall falls away and you can see outside.

At this point, leap on the columns here, and the Imperial Treasure Chest will be on top of them.

The Solarium on Titan Imperial Treasure Map location

Go to any fast travel point in The Rig, head east until you reach The Solarium proper, by going over a vast broken bridge and through a cracked multicolour wall.

Here, you just need to head forward and down the lower left ledge, where it's tucked away in the corner.

Olympus Descent on Mars Imperial Treasure Map location

For this Olympus Descent Imperial Treasure Map, head to the south-most Glacial Drift spawn point, and head south (or left from where you appear) into the cave system.

Follow it through until the cave opens up on the right and the location name appears on the screen.

On the right cliff edge here, the Imperial Treasure Chest is at the far edge, just below.

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