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Destiny 2 gets first downtime of the year today

Asher shame.

2017 saw the launch of Destiny 2... and then plenty of downtime on a near-weekly schedule.

There were many, many things for Bungie to fix, of course, and few would argue that many more changes to Destiny 2 are not still needed.

And so the first changes of 2018 arrive today, when Destiny 2 will be brought offline from 7am-midday Bungie time AKA 3pm until 8pm here in the UK.

What Bungie is changing, we don't yet know - but when Destiny 2 returns it will have received Hotfix Hotfix updates are usually smaller affairs than the larger game-changing patches.

Over Christmas, game director Christopher Barrett took to Twitter to share a few things Bungie was currently working on.

(Barrett heads up the game's live team which now leads the ongoing seasonal changes of Destiny 2, while the team that built the game itself focuses on other, unannounced development duties.)

Upcoming changes include a larger loot pool of rewards for Iron Banner and Faction Rally events, plus solutions for solving Vault storage space.

Over Christmas and Destiny 2's Dawning event, community criticism has solidified around the game's microtransaction Eververse store - and the suggestion from fans that far too much of the game's coolest loot is awarded from it and not directly from the game's activities.

2018 feels like a year pivotal to Destiny 2 - and the need to get its increasingly frustrated community back on side.

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