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Destiny 2 downtime is as regular as the game's weekly reset

European Dead Zone.

Yet again, Destiny 2 is down for hours this week. It's the fourth time in as many weeks the game will be pulled offline for maintenance.

Players will not be able to sign in from 4pm UK time tomorrow, 3rd October, until 8pm.

And, again, players in Europe will be hardest hit - as Bungie schedules its maintenance during a significant chunk of our post-school/college/work window.

(In Seattle, where Bungie is based, maintenance work takes place during its working day.)

A week after Destiny 2's launch, on 12th September, Bungie scheduled its first round of maintenance. It was planned as four hours, from 4pm UK time until 8pm, but ended up lasting nearer six.

The following week, 18th September, Destiny 2 was down for four hours again - this time from 3pm until 7pm.

And then last week, 25th September, another six hours of maintenance took place which brought the game down between 2pm and 8pm UK time.

There's no word yet on what is being added, changed or fixed this week. Last week saw the arrival of the Tower's Factions. The week before saw the scrubbing of Destiny 2's kek armour. It's not even the frequency of the downtime which is the issue - it is the length of the maintenance windows, and their repeated impact on the UK/European evenings.

Last week I had plans to finish the Leviathan raid with my fireteam - plans which then got bumped too late for some as maintenance continued. This week's maintenance will happen on the game's weekly reset day - when the majority of players will be logging on.

Destiny 2 is a great game - so please, Bungie, let us Europeans play it.

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