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Destiny 2 Mars Community Challenge objectives and rewards explained

How to take part in the September Community Challenge on the red planet.

Destiny 2's Community Challenge gives the entire player base a set of focused objectives to complete.

By everyone completing activities on Mars - including Escalation Protocols, Nightfalls and more - there will be a set of Community Challenge rewards at the end of it until the end of the season.

This Mars Community Challenge runs between Tuesday, September 3rd to Tuesday, September 10th, starting and ending at the usual Destiny 2 reset time - so make sure you participate in the relevant ways before it ends.

Destiny 2 Mars Community Challenge objectives

Players will have a variety of combined objectives to complete throughout the week. The Mars Community Challenge objectives are:

  • Defeat 175 thousand Wave 7 Escalation Protocol bosses
  • Defeat 300 million Hive on Mars
  • Mars Nightfalls
    • Defeat Nokris 150 thousand times
    • Defeat Xol 100 thousand times
  • Use 300 thousand Override Frequencies

It essentially acts as a nice excuse to mop up any Mars-related activities you've yet to complete. Two in question are Exotic quests from Warmind - Sleeper Simulant and Nascent Dawn for the Polaris Lance - both of which some of the above.

There's also a number of Lost Memory fragment locations to find, too - not directly relevant, but no doubt you'll run into a few Hive to vanquish along the way.

Destiny 2 Mars Community Challenge rewards

There are two types of Mars Community Challenge rewards up for grabs.

Mars Community Challenge Emblem

The first reward is a unique Emblem rewarded if:

  • All the above objectives are completed by the community
  • You complete at least one Nightfall (we assume set on Mars)

Here's what it looks like:

Expect this to drop in the Postmaster the week after the event ends - or shortly thereafter - if you manage to unlock it.

Increased Menagerie rewards

If the community completes all the above objectives, then there will be additional rewards for successful Menagerie run completions - with two rewards when opening the chest, and an additional reward each Friday until the end of the season.

If we are following it correctly, we assume this means the following:

  • September 6th: Mars Community Challenge completed, Menagerie rewards increased to two
  • September 13th: Menagerie rewards increase to three
  • September 20th: Menagerie rewards increase to four
  • September 27th: Menagerie rewards increase to five

So - in the final weekend before Shadowfall and the free-to-play New Light launch on October 1st (which is when the season ends and a new one begins) there will be a whopping five rewards from each Menagerie run. Useful if you're after certain rolls to drop!

With Bungie branding this the 'September Community Challenge', we have to assume there will be one per month going forward, perhaps rotating through different planets to give each one a renewed focus, and theming events such as Nightfalls to match.

It'll be interesting to see how this event evolves - and whether the community manages to beat this first one!

The Season of the Deep is here alongside the Into the Depths quest. You can know go fishing too! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King's Fall challenge rotation schedule!

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