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Descent spiritual successor Overload releases playable demo

UPDATE: Barely achieves Kickstarter goal with photo finish.

UPDATE 11/03/2016 5.02pm: Overload squeezed past its $300k Kickstarter goal in the last two hours of its crowdfunding campaign.

It came to a closing tally of $306,537.

Not bad given that it was just over the halfway point only four days before concluding. Guess that playable prototype really helped, eh?

ORIGINAL STORY 07/03/2016 6.37pm: Descent's original creators at Revival Productions have released a playable demo of their upcoming "six-degrees-of-freedom" shooter Overload.

This spiritual successor to Descent launched a Kickstarter campaign last month, though it's barely over halfway towards its $300k goal with a mere four days to go before its 11th March deadline. Perhaps the new PC demo will sway people to pledge towards Overload at the 11th hour?

"We've put his demo together in a hurry, and though we've done as much as we can to make it perfect, it still has some rough edges," Revival said of this prototype. "And of course we're still very early in development - we're showing off a few sample levels and some cool weapons and robots, but there's lots and lots more to come."

"We want as many people as possible to get hands-on experience with Overload. We are proud of this project and feel the teaser shows the potential of where Overload will go with the right support."

Sadly the demo is Windows only, though Revival wants to develop Overload for PS4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux as well with an estimated launch date of March 2017.

The developer is aiming to make a 15-stage single-player campaign hearkening back to the glory days of Descent wherein you'd fly through a zero-gravity labyrinth, destroy its core, then fly out the twisty maze like Lando in the third act of Return to the Jedi.

Here's a video of the Overload prototype in action:

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