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Descent being remade by modder in Unreal Engine 3

Prototype footage revealed.

A dedicated modder by the name of Max has begun recreating Interplay's 1996 first-person PC spaceship shooter Descent using Unreal Engine 3 via the Unreal Development Kit.

Descent was notable for taking place in elaborate 3D labyrinths, unlike most spaceship combat games that took place in the barren vacuum of outer space. The game's freeform movement across six axis was disorienting and refreshing. I remember going back to more traditional shooters felt archaic and limiting after Descent and wondered why more games didn't follow in its footsteps. Sure there were a couple of sequels, but the series fizzled out by 2000's Descent 3.

As was the case with the Half-Life fan remake Black Mesa, The Descent Unreal mod - dubbed Descent to UDK for now - isn't going to be an exact remake and will feature some embellishments. Max would like to retell the original game's story, but offer more diverse gameplay and emphasise the game's horror elements. New weapons may be added, too.

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As you can see in the trailer above, Descent to UDK is looking quite spiffy, albeit rather grey. But it's in its embryonic stage at the moment and Max is looking for help - particularly in the modeling and graphics department - to bring it to life. Descent fans who would like to contribute can contact him at madmax1998@gmail.com.

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