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Death Stranding will use Guerrilla Games' Horizon: Zero Dawn engine


Hideo Kojima has revealed the engine that Kojima Productions will be using for Death Stranding, with the new studio electing to partner with Guerrilla Games and using the Decima engine - as used in the forthcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Earlier this year Hideo Kojima took a world tour with Sony's Mark Cerny in a quest to find an engine for Death Stranding, and some of his social media posts hinted towards the conclusion they came towards: last month he tweeted an image of a mouse mat on his desk bearing the image of Guerrilla Games' Herman Hulst. Which is fair enough - Hulst is a handsome man.

Kojima confirmed Death Stranding would be using the Decmia engine in a talk at this year's PlayStation Experience, revealing that Guerrilla Games handed him the source code in a small wooden box upon making his decision. As part of the partnership, a small satellite team from Kojima Productions is embedded in Guerrilla Games' Amsterdam office.

In a delightfully meandering session, Kojima said the partnership was a continuation of a long-standing tradition of collaboration between Japan and Holland, which can be dated back to the Edo period.

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