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Dead Space for PC, sequels possible

EA blabs. DLC already in the works, too.

EA has confirmed that Dead Space will appear on PC, and says downloadable content for all three versions is under way.

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer Germany, executive producer Glen Schofield also revealed the story would not finish there, opening the door to future sequels. Shock.

"I would definitely like to make future Dead Space games," said Schofield, probably through Gordon the Gopher. "I'd love for this to become a well established franchise; we've created a huge and rich back story and universe, so other games could easily be made."

Dead Space is a survival-horror game concentrating on "scaring the heck out of you". You are Isaac Clarke, a spaceship engineer on a routine mining vessel call. But uh-oh those look like space zombies.

Whatever they are, Schofield says unchecked they would be a threat to humanity, and they lurk about the enormous vessel as you try to rescue survivors.

You will see far more than the inside of a ship though, spending some time on a nearby planet and wafting about in Zero-G outside. Gravity will play a big part in the puzzle-solving and boss fights.

Dead Space focuses heavily on story and atmosphere, taking liberal doses from Half-Life 2 for in-engine and non-distracting cut-scenes; and BioShock for its upgradeable equipment and mini skill trees.

No cluttered HUD will break your immersion either, as all you will need to know is visually represented on your character. Somehow.

Interestingly your space suit is linked to Ishimura (the ship) and will provide you with readouts and other top-secret bits Schofield is keeping to himself.

Unfortunately all this focus on an engrossing single-player experience means there is no multiplayer included. If that is unfortunate at all. And you should expect a demo before launch.

"Right now we are creating our vision which is to be the scariest videogame ever," concluded Schofield.

Dead Space is due out on PC, PS3 and 360 this autumn.

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Dead Space

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