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Dead Space 3 ditches Dead Space 2's competitive multiplayer

Out February 2013.

Dead Space 3 does not feature the competitive multiplayer seen in Dead Space 2.

Confirmation comes from Game Informer magazine, which was read and discussed on NeoGAF.

Instead, Dead Space 3 offers drop-in/drop-out co-op gameplay set on an ice planet, as revealed last month.

Series star Isaac Clarke teams up with newcomer John Carver, an engineer from the planet Uxor. Like Isaac, he wears a rig. According to developer Visceral, playing co-op means you see cut scenes you won't in single-player. But, those who enjoy going solo will "hear everything you need to hear to get the whole story".

Dead Space 3 promises to be less linear than previous games in the series. Visceral said this allows players to complete side missions, called unique beta missions in the game. There's a new cover system and new enemies, such as Fodders, Feeders, something called the Snow Beast and a huge Necromorph centipede called the Nexus.

Also new: universal ammo pickups, more ammo drops and enemy Unitologists who shoot at Isaac. You can combine different weapons, such as the Plasma Cutter and Ripper, to form unique combination guns. Enemies drop scrap metal and tungsten, which probably fuels crafting.

The game is due out February 2013. Expect more on Dead Space 3 during EA's E3 press conference this evening.

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