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Dead Space 2 dev making "bold new IP"

Visceral hiring executive producer for it.

Dead Space developer Visceral will soon begin work on a "bold new IP" - a move that suggests either Dead Space and Dante's Inferno are being put on hold, or that a second, complimentary team is being made.

The evidence comes from a job posting on Gamasutra. The vacant position? As high as it gets - executive producer.

"The executive producer for Visceral Redwood Shores will be leading a bold new IP that is heavily backed by EA leadership," the post declares.

Among the points on the to-do wish-list are to "grow the game into a successful franchise capable of multiple versions", which roughly translates to EA being serious about this project.

Visceral Games' biggest hit has been Dead Space, a series brought to life by then manager Glen Schofield, who later took off and formed Sledgehammer Games for Activision with colleague Michael Condrey.

Despite Schofield and Condrey's departure, Visceral flourished, releasing Dead Space 2 earlier this year to huge critical acclaim - scoring 9/10 on Eurogamer.

Sledgehammer Games has been put to work on the gargantuan Call of Duty series for Activision. Rumour has it that Sledgehammer will help Infinity Ward make this autumn's new Call of Duty game.

The fantastic Dead Space 2.

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