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Dead Rising 3 set in California, stars new lead character - report

Meet Rick.

Dead Rising 3 is set in California and stars a new lead character, according to a report.

The unannounced game is set in the fictional town of Los Perdidos, which is locked down and under martial law following a zombie outbreak, Siliconera claims.

Dead Rising 3 stars Rick, who along with a group of survivors plans to leave the town. Siliconera published what it claims is concept art for the character.

Rick is described as an orphan who works as an auto mechanic. He attempts to fix a plane and escape Los Perdidos before a bomb goes off and destroys the city.

Dead Rising 3 apparently deals with the issue of illegal immigration. Red, another new character, leads an underground group of "illegals" who are infected. Red's girlfriend is Annie, who is sympathetic to the infected. One of the psychos is a biker who drives a "Roller Hog", a motorbike with a steam roller on the front.

Siliconera's report comes a day after Capcom teased a Dead Rising sequel. A post on the Dead Rising Facebook page suggested the mystery new game stars photojournalist Frank West, the protagonist of the first Dead Rising and spin-off Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - although no mention is made of the character in Siliconera's story.

Could Dead Rising 3 be set for a Spike Video Game Awards reveal at the weekend only two months after the launch of Off the Record?

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