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Dead Nation DLC now has a new game mode

Adjustable difficulty and more forgiving checkpoints.

Dead Nation's Road to Devastation expansion has received a new game mode, Sony has announced.

In the just released Arcade mode, checkpoints revive fallen players and you can select a difficulty setting.

The new game type is a free update to Housemarque's top-down zombie shooter, but requires players to own the Road to Devastation DLC released last Autumn, priced at €3.99/£3.49.

Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead was lukewarm on the original game, giving it a 6/10. "There's a solid and satisfying shooter engine under the tired memes, and it's delivered with admirable attention to detail," he wrote in his Dead Nation review.

Many of you probably own the game because it was offered as a free download last year as part of Sony's 'Welcome Back' program, following the long-running PSN outage last Spring.

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