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Dead Island dev announces first-person hack-and-slash title Project Hell

Began life as a Dead Island mod.

A small team who worked on Dead Island at Techland are branching off from the upcoming Dead Island sequel to develop a new IP, codenamed Project Hell.

According to its official blog, Project Hell is a first-person hack-and-slash affair that was originally designed as a mod for Dead Island by one of its developers, Marcin "MZM" Zygadlo. Techland was so enamoured by the mod that it decided to dedicate a small team to developing it into a fully fledged commercial product using the Dead Island engine, and thus Project Hell was born.

"Our main goal is to make a game we can all enjoy playing so don't expect unicorns and fairies - we prefer breaking through hordes of undead minions only to slaughter their devilish and loathsome masters in a bloody boss-fight," said designer and project manager Marcin "Kruq" Kruczkiewicz.

When asked about platform, the developer responded "We're currently working on the PC version but Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are also possible. It all depends on how the game is received."

In the meantime, enjoy some early concept art.

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