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Dead by Daylight announces free next-gen upgrade for current players

And a major graphics overhaul.

It's that time of the year when developers start explaining their plans for the move to next-gen devices, and the latest to do so is Dead by Daylight - the asymmetrical horror survival multiplayer by Behaviour Interactive. Yet it seems players won't be getting any nasty shocks when it comes to cost, as current players will be able to access the game on next-gen consoles for free.

Behaviour Interactive announced the game will arrive on next-gen consoles in holiday 2020 with "improved graphics over current gen versions", and will run at 4K with 60 FPS. Dead by Daylight is now entering the first stages of a major graphics overhaul, which Behaviour Interactive says will ultimately lead "to an entirely remastered edition of the game".

"The lighting and VFX will be vastly upgraded, as well as the modelling, textures and animations," Behaviour Interactive explained in a press release. "More props will be added to the maps, and proper functions will be given to rooms to make them more identifiable." The rework will be implemented through regular updates, with visual improvements arriving every six weeks following the current Chapter and Archives roadmap - starting with next week's patch.

Importantly, those who already own the game on current-gen consoles will be able to play the game for free on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, while also keeping any previous progress. "Current players who own the game and decide to buy a next-gen console will experience a seamless transition, getting Dead by Daylight for free on their new platform of choice, while keeping all progression," the press release states.

Allowing current-gen players to get the game for free on next-gen consoles makes a lot of sense for Dead by Daylight: not only will this help maintain a healthy player base, but the game also regularly releases paid DLC chapters, which should help continue to bring in money for the title.

Meanwhile, one next-gen upgrade it looks like you will have to spend on is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which releases with a rather complicated upgrade plan.

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