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DDO Unlimited gets US launch date

Still no word on European plans.

Turbine has announced that the free-to-play version of Dungeons & Dragons Online, DDO Unlimited, will launch in the US on August 4th.

The game's European operator Codemasters has not updated its plans, so the situation remains as it was when DDO Unlimited was announced: Dungeons & Dragons Online remains a subscription-only MMO in Europe "for the time being".

However, European players will get all the new content associated with the game's move to free-to-play in a standard update, Module 9: The Plane of Battle, also on August 4th.

There'll be a new class, the Favored Soul, a healer and spellcaster who's quite handy with weapons; a raised level cap of 20; two new adventuring storylines; and an overhauled combat system, with more feedback and smart targeting.

In addition to all this, American players will have the choice to continue paying a premium subscription to get all content, or switch to free-to-play, using the DDO store to buy items, content and access to features like character classes and storage.

You can find more details on the Module 9 update on the game's European site.

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