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Day one patch available ahead of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl launch

The games have already leaked.

A day one patch has been highlighted by Nintendo for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl following leaks of both games.

They're not due for release until 19th November, but physical copies have already been leaked into the wild, with players keen to discover what's new in these remakes.

The software update will be available from 11th November. It allows access to communication features in the Grand Underground and Super Contest Shows, gives players special items via Mystery Gift, and provides access to Ramanas Park after entering the Hall of Fame.

Another update will follow in the future to increase the maximum number of players able to battle and trade Pokémon in the Union Room - it's only two players at launch.

For instructions on updating the game, visit Nintendo Support.

Despite being remakes, there are new features that Nintendo has kept hidden until these leaks. Players are already discussing the game's Pokédex prior to launch.

Twitch streamers have also already been streaming the game using leaked copies. It likely won't be long until Nintendo clamps down on those streamers, though Twitch hasn't commented publicly.

Sadly it's not the first time there have been Pokémon leaks. Nintendo recently reached a settlement with Sword and Shield leakers.

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