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Dark Souls - Ceaseless Discharge boss strategy

How to tackle Ceaseless Discharge in Dark Souls.

Ceaseless Discharge is a boss you can fight after facing Quelaag and on the way to Demon Ruins in Dark Souls.

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How to Ceaseless Discharge the easy way

This fight can be easily won almost immediately. This can be done by aggroing Ceaseless Discharge at the corpse, then running back towards the Fog Gate. He will slam his hand down, hit it a few times, and then Ceaseless Discharge will clip off of the edge and to his doom.

If you have already aggroed him, this method only works if you go back to where the corpse was.

If you do not feel like cheesing Ceaseless Discharge, we've got another strategy below.

How to beat Ceaseless Discharge in a fair fight

Right, now that you've passed the Fog Gate, you will need to actively aggro Ceaseless Discharge.Run forward and take the first right path and follow it down. After following it, you will see Ceaseless Discharge for the first time, as you can tell. He is a very big boy.

Ignore him for now, but be prepared to trigger this boss battle. Ensure your weapons are fully upgraded and have as many healing items as you can. With that warning out of the way, follow the path past Ceaseless Discharge and you'll see a corpse with items on it, stealing the items will trigger the fight.

We recommend high physical defense, and two-handing your weapon all the way through this fight, as many of Ceaseless Discharge's attacks cannot be blocked.

The first attack you want to be most aware of is the Fire Slam, which Ceaseless Discharge will perform if you are too far away. This is incredibly dangerous, in addition to being an unblockable attack, so be sure to stay aware of how far away you are from it. In addition to this, when you get close, Ceaseless has a variety of attacks that are incredibly hard to block, and also knock you back.

Before getting up close, ensure you have buffed your weapon using an item or sorcery to maximise your damage output. You're only going to have a small window to deal damage so ensure that you're also two-handing your weapon, your shield is not going to do anything versus Ceaseless Discharge's arsenal of unblockable attacks.

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The most common attack this boss does while you're up close is the tentacle slam, where you should be able to read the windup and dodge out of the way in the open area. This will give you a small window to attack him. You're going to be repeating this in order to kill him efficiently.

Ceaseless Discharge also has a double-swipe, which you can block, but is incredibly difficult, as he will then slam the arena. His most potent attack at close range would be the double slam, which is hard to telegraph, but you will need to roll a second time in order to dodge this one. He has a pretty limited set of attacks, and it will not be too hard to learn all of them pretty quickly, the key here is to try to dodge as quickly as you can during the tentacle slams.

In terms of the arena and environment you fight him in, Ceaseless Discharge can be avoided by running away, but this will leave you open to his fire slam attack, which can cause you some trouble while on the stairs. Be sure to keep your stamina up and laying the damage on thick where you see a window in order to kill this... Ceaseless Discharge, which is a pretty gross name once you think about it.


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