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Want to import Dark Souls 3 on PS4? Here's what you should know

Tips for parsing the Japanese text.

Dark Souls fans will no doubt have heard by now that a strange exploit has resulted in Xbox One owners being able to snag the English version of From Software's highly-anticipated action-RPG ahead of its 12th April western release. That trick doesn't work on PS4, however, though overly excited fans can purchase the Japanese release, should they jump through a few import-related hoops.

If you're looking to do that, here's a few things you should know:

The voice-acting is all in English. Praise the sun!

The text, subtitles and menus, however, are not. The true Dark Souls starts here.

Many users on NeoGAF seem to be having luck with the Google Translate App to get a good idea of what all the text is saying in this overseas release.

Furthermore, here's a useful guide to the game's most prominent menus, such as the main menu, character creation screens, level up screen, and plenty of early dialogue choices with NPCs. The Dark Souls 3 Fextra Life wiki has a few additional menus to help you out too.

There's also this incredibly thorough translation of each item description and rundown of each class.

It's worth noting that the X and O buttons have different functions in the game. Menu-wise this means O is confirm and X is cancel. In gameplay X is dodge/run while O is the examine button.

Still with me? If you're interested in importing Dark Souls 3, you'll need to set up a Japanese PlayStation Network account, purchase some PSN gift cards in yen, then redeem their codes and download Dark Souls 3. Here's a handy Reddit guide offering details on how to navigate the menus to do such things.

A somewhat spoiler-y boss-filled launch trailer.
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