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Dark Souls 3 - Consumed King's Garden, Oceiros, the Untended Graves and Champion Gundyr

Optional: how to complete Consumed King's Garden and Untended Graves, and kill Oceiros and Champion Gundyr in Dark Souls 3.

Now for the next two of the five optional bosses in Dark Souls 3. Since most of them can only be done late in the game, we've saved all of these to do together just before the final stretch. First, let's head to the Consumed King's Garden, since you'll need to complete it to access the next area, the Untended Graves.

From the Boreal Dancer bonfire, climb the ladder and turn left. Head up the stairs and down the other side, and tackle the knight at the end of the walkway before heading down in the elevator.

The water in the area outside is poisoned, so quickly make for dry land to face what looks like a mini version of Iudex Gundyr's corrupted form. Dodge-roll to avoid its attacks but be careful to stay out of the water, as a combination of its poison attacks and the water can make the fight tricky.

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Climb the stairs to the circular stone area and deal with the knight, and then head down the steps to the right and into the building ahead.

Take the elevator up and head forwards into another building and work your way up - there are a couple of imps and priests here guarding a door on the upper platform. Opening the door creates a shortcut back to the Boreal Dancer bonfire, so drop down if you need to heal and then double back.

After getting off the elevator turn right towards the large building and head up the steps. Drop down into the area below and either kill or avoid the two knights and head towards a fog gate to find the second optional boss.

How to kill Oceiros, the Consumed King

During the first phase, the only thing you really need to watch out for is a frost attack - he'll plant his staff in the ground, and you'll need to back away quickly to avoid getting caught in the fog.

Try and keep on his left side, and roll in and attack whenever he drops his guard. Most of his attacks in this phase are physical, so a decent shield can keep damage low.

At around 60% health he'll drop his weapon and switch things up a little. His left side is no longer a safe haven, and he'll start throwing in some two-handed lunges - dodge-roll to one side and he'll shoot past you giving you easy access to his back - and a tail slash which can either be rolled away from or blocked with a shield.

His frost attack is now airborne, so as soon as you see him launch into the air, roll underneath him to avoid getting caught.

Enter the Untended Graves

The next optional area follows directly on from the Consumed King's Garden, which you need to complete to access it.

After the fight with Oceiros, light the bonfire, then open the doors ahead and follow the corridor around the corner. An enemy will rush you from the archway at the far end, but they shouldn't be too much of a hindrance. Collect the item from the altar and then head to the far side of the room - the end wall is an illusion, so roll through it and you'll end up outside.

Jump off the edge of the cliff into the water below and light the bonfire, then push ahead - it looks a little different now, but (geographically speaking, at least) we're actually back in the starting area.

Take the same route you took first time (including exploring all the nooks and crannies) towards where you met Iudex Gundyr the first time, and prepare to battle him again!

How to kill Champion Gundyr

With the exceptions of being far more aggressive, dealing much more damage, and not transforming into a corrupted form, the second fight against Gundyr is much the same as the first, and the same tactics should work.

How to find Eyes of a Firekeeper

When Gundyr's down, head through the exit of the arena to find a dark version of Firelink. Head inside and head for the end of the lower corridor on the left - behind the illusory wall at the end you'll find Eyes of a Firekeeper, required to access one of the alternate endings.

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