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Dark Souls 2's closed beta begins this October on PS3

UPDATE: Meet the Dark Souls knight at the EG Expo. Peter Serafinowicz introduces you.

UPDATE: Namco's bringing the Dark Souls knight himself to the Eurogamer Expo next month, and they sent us this little video to mark the occasion. Recognise that voice? It's the soothing and cultured tone of comedian and Dark Souls nut Peter Serafinowicz, introducing you to the knight (well, his armour).

If you're coming to the Expo, take a selfie with the knight and tweet it with #EurogamerKnight for a chance to win a prize that's hopefully not a date with the Taurus demon. (I just don't think of him that way.)

Original story: From Software's highly anticipated sadistic dark fantasy RPG, Dark Souls 2, will be receiving a closed beta on PS3 come 5th October.

While publisher Namco Bandai has yet to disclose the details of how one gets in on this early access, it noted that interested players should start checking the official Dark Souls 2 Facebook page for registration details come 5th September.

The beta will be accessible to both European and North American players and is said to contain "an entirely new area of the game," suggesting that this won't be the same demo that was playable for the press at E3.

I quite liked that demo, though I wouldn't be opposed to seeing all new content either. Regardless, this should give players a taste of how Dark Souls feels with reactive enemy AI and a new engine. Praise the sun!

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Dark Souls 2

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