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Dark Chronicle is coming to PS4 next week

Collecting the final part of Level-5's PS2 JRPG trilogy.

Dark Chronicle (aka Dark Cloud 2 in North America) is coming to PS4 next week, Sony has announced.

Revealed on the PlayStation Blogcast, Level-5's 2002 JRPG cult-classic will emerge 19th January as a PS2 title on PS4 in North America. If it's anything like the Dark Cloud PS4 release, it will appear the same day in the UK.

Contrary to the American title, Dark Chronicle is not a literal sequel to Dark Cloud, though it is a spiritual one. It combines Level-5's previous effort's mechanics, procedurally-generated dungeons, city building and more into a completely new storyline with its own original characters.

The first Dark Cloud already premiered on PS4 in December as one of the first PS2 titles to make its way onto Sony's current console. It was joined by Level-5's later action-RPG Rogue Galaxy.

Both of those titles were up-rendered in 1080p and included PS4-specific features like Remote Play, Live Broadcast, Share Play, Activity Feeds, and Second Screen support for game manuals via the Vita or PlayStation App. Presumably Dark Chronicle will receive the same treatment.

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