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Cult-classic management sim sequel Evil Genius 2 gets ten-minute gameplay trailer

Peeling back the lairs.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination - the Rebellion-developed sequel to Elixir Studios' cult-classic management sim - is rapidly closing in on its 30th March release date, and as part of its pre-launch promotional blitz, Rebellion has now served up ten minutes of gameplay in a new developer video.

Evil Genius 2 follows a similar formula to its much-loved 2004 predecessor, blending base building and real-time defense as players - cast as a criminal mastermind - oversee the running of their evil lair, boss around minions, thwart do-gooders, and build a doomsday device in a bid to achieve global domination.

Rebellion's sequel retains the comedic tone and appealing retro stylings of its predecessor, but introduces new villains, henchmen, agents, room types, and traps - and keen-eyed observers might spot a few of those in Rebellion's new gameplay trailer.

Evil Genius 2 - Gameplay with Developer Commentary.

Primarily though, it serves as an introduction to Evil Genius 2 for newcomers and a refresher for old-hands, taking viewers through the game's opening tutorial mission. Here we see Rebellion expanding its minion forces and setting about boosting its lair's power output to ensure there's enough juice to keep cameras, traps, and doors functioning and the base defended.

From there, it's time to build a control room, serving as the centre of operations as players maintain and expand their criminal network on the world stage, sending minions out on evil missions to earn gold while keeping an eye on the five organisations of justice, intent on halting their nefarious schemes.

Rebellion also stresses that Evil Genius 2 is a narrative-driven game with a very definite beginning and end - one that either sees players successfully ruling the world or dying in the attempt. In total, it features four distinct campaigns, each focussed on a particular playable criminal mastermind, and each introducing its own colourful cast of characters. Notably too, the overarching narrative is accompanied by optional side stories which unlock useful rewards.

There's a lot more in the video, so it's well worth a watch if you're curious about the likes of interrogations, training, and handling agents sent to your base by the forces of justice. And if you like what you see, Evil Genius 2 comes to Steam in less than two months, on 30th March.

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